Homepage of Jeroen De Knijf

Member of the Research Group
Advanced Database Research and Modelling (ADReM)
University of Antwerp
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Middelheimlaan 1
B-2020 Antwerpen

E-mail: jeroen.deknijf(a)ua.ac.takethisout.be

About me:
I am a postdoctoral researcher, and currently involved in the data mining component of the biograph project.
I conducted my Ph. D. research in Algorithmic Data Analysis group (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) . The topic of my Ph.D. research was semi-structured datamining. Especially the desing and implementation of efficient algorithms to incorporate user defined constraints in the mining process the devellopment of condensed representations for semi-structured data. I finished my thesis (Studies in Frequent Tree Mining) in 2008.