Here you will find some information concerning the courses that are taught by ADReM. For more details, we refer to Blackboard.

Research Internships

  • Introduction to Internships and possible topics (slides of information session)


These are the courses currently given by ADReM:

  • Introduction to Programming (Ba 1): Bart Goethals
  • Databases (Ba 2): Martin Theobald
  • Programming Project Databases (Ba 2): Bart Goethals
  • Web Information Systems (Ba 3): Martin Theobald
  • Artificial Intelligence (Ba 3): Bart Goethals
  • Data Mining (Ma): Bart Goethals
  • Database Systems (Ma): Floris Geerts
  • Current Trends in Databases (Ma): Floris Geerts
  • Project Databases (Ma): Martin Theobald
  • Information Retrieval (Ma): Martin Theobald
  • Current Trends in Information Retrieval (Ma): Martin Theobald