Floris Geerts

    ADReM research group
    University of Antwerp
    Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Middelheimlaan 1
    B-2020 Antwerpen
    phone: +32 3 265 39 07
    fax: +32 3 265 37 77
    Email: floris.geerts at ua . ac . be

If you're interested in doing a Ph.D or Postdoc, just send me an email!

Research interests: Database theory and systems, data quality, logic, complexity.
Publications: publication available online (DBLP)
Phd students: Joeri Rammelaere, Maarten Van den Heuvel.
Projects description: projects
Teaching: database systems | big data algorithms
Slides data quality tutorials:
EDBT 2017 Summer school Genoa Nervi, 2017 | VLDB 2017 Summer school Beijing, 2017 |Rome 3, 2012 | VLDB 2009
Data quality system: Llunatic
Slides scale independence invited talks: ICDT 2015 (keynote) | SEBD 2017 (invited speaker)
Conferences and program committees: list
Editorial boards: ACM TODS, TKDE
DQ book
DQ book